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"My Mission is to Inspire & Prepare"
"My Mission is to Inspire & Prepare"

Online Course Self-Defense Concepts

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How do you avoid conflict and see it BEFORE it happens?  Do you know the simple straight forward ways to break the cycle of a violent confrontation?

This course will give you the critical and proven methods used by special operations, agents and specialists that see threats and avoid problems before they happen. You will also learn the direct no frills methods of crushing an attacker.

Created and taught by veteran defensive tactics instructor, bodyguard for high risk areas, founder of the Urban Warfare Center, former National AKTA Taekwondo Champion and author of the popular Defensive Tactics DVD series sold at major retailers.

"I want you to be safe.  I have spent much of my life in the pursuit of rescuing and protecting people.  My mission has also been to prepare people to survive and dominate the worst possible environments, and some of the most complex circumstances in the world.  How much is your safety worth?  This course is priced in a modest way to get the information out to ALL good people.  My mission is to exchange a lifetime of knowledge and experience in an organized way through these online courses to help you avoid and dominate a violent confrontation, prepare for the future and mitigate risk. These programs also make excellent gifts for those you love!" - David

Course curriculum

  • Introduction
  • The right of self-defense
  • Necessity
  • The color code of mental awareness
  • APEX predators and parallax vision
  • Things you can do to prevent an attack
  • The "box" or your personal space
  • Assessing risk factors
  • What attackers do not like
  • De-escalation
  • An attack and breaking contact
  • Conflict and the brains pathways
  • Observe Orient Decide Act (OODA)
  • Automatic phone SOS alerting
  • Surprise, speed and violence of action
  • If you are grabbed
  • Head over heels
  • Defensive tools


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Audrey B.
A Total Pro

I am so glad I took this course. The information was valuable and direct.

Jaymi H.
Great info! Glad I took it!

Great info! Glad I took it!

Worth the Money and the Time Spent!

This course and workshop was so helpful and empowering. Simple yet valuable tools to stay aware of your surrounds and keep you safe. Should the worst occur, this course gives you the skills you need to survive. David was really cool and approachable and you can tell he really cares about his client's well-being and safety.


The instructor had made the course personal and it gave me a better understanding of the subject matter.

Charles M.
Excellent course

Looking forward to the next one.