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"My Mission is to Inspire & Prepare"
"My Mission is to Inspire & Prepare"

DANGER CALLS Japan - Digital Download

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This is the PDF digital download of my book DANGER CALLS - Japan.


This is a series of true real life stories taken from my personal missions and experiences around the globe. I do not embellish as it is not needed. The truth of the moments are epic enough.

There are several reasons “why” I bring these stories to light. First, for my posterity. I have a great great grandfather who was a friend to Wyatt Earp in tombstone and a judge at that time as well. He went in to business with Earp in California after the OK coral shootout. We know little of his life other than her did very well in business and my uncle was bounced on Wyatt Earps knee as a very young boy. I want to know more, but little is written other than letters to his wife and his obituary. In an attempt to make sure the legends I know and have rubbed shoulders with around the globe are preserved for my children and theirs so... I write.

CHAPTER ONE - The Mission

Have you ever wanted to do something that made a difference? Did you? Was it worth the risks to your live, limbs and soul? Why did you go? Was it about YOU, or was it about people you do not know, in a land that is unfamiliar with dangers you are not even aware of?

I went to Japan after the earthquake and tsunami to help the people of Japan. I packed my gear, steadied my feet and bought a plane ticket and simply went to Tokyo in an attempt to help. The 747 wide body flight to Tokyo was virtually empty and there was lots of time to think and rest before the mission would become a gritty reality...