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Unconventional Resilience and Survival Seminar


"In this life, there are givers and there are takers. There are wolves that come to kill the sheep and there are sheepdogs that put themselves between the the flock and the waiting jaws of death.... Dave is one of the good ones. One of the sheep dogs. A protector.

I've known Dave for a decade and I can tell you the man's heart is pure. He is a giver, a protector, a warrior, a man of God, and genuinely a GOOD MAN....

Dave is a man you want on your side when things go south. It's an honor to call him a friend. I'd vouch for his character and sing his praises to anyone who would listen. Thanks for setting the example and leading the way Dave." - Jeremy H.

From growing up on violent streets in Los Angeles County to the Urban Warfare Center where he training thousands of soldiers and police, to the streets of Haiti and the jungles of Burma David has been involved in unconventional missions all over the globe. The same principles he has used for success in these austere environments are shared with you and your group in this live seminar.

This is a 2 hour seminar that will help the attendees connect with the following life saving principles:

  • Mental awareness - avoiding conflict
  • Resilience mindest
  • Community and service
  • Weapon selection and unconventional options
  • Combat mindset
  • Stress and the brain
  • Rules of a predator
  • Vitals of the human body
  • Tips to dominate a lethal confrontation
  • More!

This FREE seminar is presented in either a live taught location or through Zoom and can have an unlimited number of participants.