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David Burnell - Motivational Speaker & Instructor
David Burnell - Motivational Speaker & Instructor

Scottish American Military Society (SAMS)

David has Celtic blood and a love of history running through his veins. He is a member of the SAMS organization which provides Color and Honor Guard details around the State of Utah. This Veterans organization is focused on celebrating Scottish American Military Veterans. They can be found at all of the Scottish Highland festivals around the state each year. If you would like to join contact David.


The SAMS mission is “to preserve and promote Scottish and American Armed Forces customs, traditions, and heritage” Internationally. Our membership is composed of active duty military, veterans, and supportive spouses who share a common interest in Scottish-American heraldry, patriotism, and service.

  • Providing a forum for exchange of military history
  • The exchange genealogical information
  •  Conducting public education programs
  •  Presenting military student honor awards
  •  Supporting Scottish activities at Highland Games
  •  Making contributions to qualified scholarship funds
  •  Making appropriate charitable contributions
  •  Providing a fraternal atmosphere for members