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LIVE Online Seminars


"It was excellent David and I enjoyed all that you shared. You do have a warriors heart :) Wish my husband could have been on the meeting. He would have loved your photos and hearing you speak of the people. He has a deep love for the people of Thailand and a heartfelt appreciation for that part of the world. You're doing a great thing! I am so glad you are making a personal history of these things for your family and friends, the good and the bad. (and we know you're only sharing a tiny fraction of what you've experienced: successes & the hard stuff) Your family and posterity can be proud. You were inspired and driven to do hard things that others would not choose to do--and you do it with love. There are special blessings for you." - Tracy G.

Learn the principles of growth, service and dedication as David shares and discusses his experiences from missions around the world. His keen insights into what it takes to complete the mission will stimulate new ideas and solidify your commitment to excellence! If you are a private group or a business looking to go to the next level David is ready to help you to realize the character traits that lead to success!


  • These seminars are FREE
  • No registration needed for FREE seminars
  • You do NOT need to share your video image with the session
  • You do NOT need to share your audio with the session
  • You control your MUTE button for audio and video
  • Video can be viewed on a smartphone, tablet or computer
  • These are interactive and you can ask questions or comment
  • Optional built in chat window for questions and comments

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