David has presented to audiences worldwide from young too old. He has an unconventional background and has operated around the globe for over 30 years in every climate and terrain. He is a military veteran, humanitarian, search and rescue instructor, defensive tactics instructor and certified bodyguard for high risk areas. He has an in depth background in Special Operations. David is veteran entrepreneur and has created successful multi-million dollar enterprises from the ground up.

Key Moments

"My greatest joys and moments are with my family, children and grandchildren.  They are private and I do not share them here.  Life is a journey filled with experiences from past, present and our choices that can effect our futures.  I marvel at the world and the beauty of it.  I wonder at the people who simply want to be free and have clean water and food to eat.  I raise my eyes to the heavens in gratitude for a loving Father in Heaven who blesses us when we prosper and when we suffer." - David