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Speaker | Veteran | Instructor | Rescuer | Author | Entrepreneur
Speaker | Veteran | Instructor | Rescuer | Author | Entrepreneur


I have found a deep solace and spirituality in the beauty of nature and the people of the earth.

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  My faith is found in the deep impact the life, ministry, atonement, death and resurrection of the Savior Jesus Christ has had upon the world.

I am open to all religions and believe that divine truths can be found in most of them.  When I was in Japan prior to going up North to recover bodies after the devastating Tsunami hit the coast, I made my way to the old Buddhist temple in old Tokyo. While there, I sat and watch the people pay tribute to their God. I watched them make offerings in respect to those who have past beyond this mortal life. I respected then, and I respect now the way they worship and the deep convictions they have.

In my heart, kindness and tolerance with our fellow man are the hallmarks of a deep spirituality. We must all reach up, down and across to people from all faiths and cultures in order to bind us into one eternal family.

This is my faith, my hope and my testimony.