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Defensive Tactics (Self-Defense) Training


"David’s class was amazing! He is very honest and real when talking about his life experiences and what we need to do individually to protect ourselves. He doesn’t sugar-coat anything and taught us skills that we can easily remember and practice ahead of time. I was so excited about what I learned that as soon as I returned home I taught my teenage kids some skills. Thank you, David!" - Tricia T.

David is the author of the acclaimed Defensive Tactics Series. He has been teaching Tactics and firearms courses for decades. He is a military veteran/instructor, former AKTA National Taekwondo Champion, former military combative instructor, counter terrorism instructor and body guard for high risk areas.

He is an expert on pistolrifleshotgun and sub machine guns. He is a distinguished graduate of multiple shooting programs and finds teaching one of his most enjoyable activities. 


This is a hands on four hour course taught by David. He offers this program to individuals and groups from 1-20 people at a time.


  • Avoid conflict and break contact
  • Understanding stress and the brain
  • Understand defense methods
  • Demonstrate effective self-defense techniques
  • Understand how to do a threat assessment
  • Understand and restate the color code of mental awareness


  • Learn how to put an assailant head over heals
  • Principles based self-defense (any age)
  • Overview and defensive options for knives
  • Viability of guns, spray, keys, whistles tasers and knives
  • Understand how to walk, talk, block and fight your way out
  • Learn over 20 focused and effective techniques


  • Good attitude
  • Humility and open mind
  • Comfortable clothing


  • All fees are covered by this purchase
  • Course is four (4) hours long
  • Standing is the norm, but we can accommodate sitting as needed
  • 1-20 people per session
  • Ages 15 and older


  • Pay here
  • Contact David to coordinate date and time
  • Price includes a group up to 8 people (larger groups contact David)


  • $100 per person invoiced after contacting David (Larger group rate available)