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"My Mission is to Inspire & Prepare"
"My Mission is to Inspire & Prepare"

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A Total Pro

I am so glad I took this course. The information was valuable and direct.

Gratitude for the work you all do

The Defensive Handgun Course was top notch. Some of it was a reinforcement of what I already new, but its' always good to go over the basics again. The best part of the class was doing the different scenarios that you might find yourself in real life and how you would react. To include getting the feedback from Jager/David. The longer I look back at the feedback and go over the drills the more I take away from it. In Utah you don't even have to own a gun to get your concealed weapons permit, so starting off with this under your belt would be a great asset. You can always talk the talk, but it's not until you really find yourself in that situation do you know what you're going to do under stress. I am really looking forward to doing another class taught by Jager and Bravo. Another part of their philosophy that I liked was that was always about breaking contact as much as possible. I have looked at other instructors and schools and I can't tell you how little I heard that statement. Using your firearm is always your last resort, even at that point, it's stop the threat and break contact. Again it was great class. Oh and if Jager tells you to stop you really ought to do just that. He asked me to come at him to demonstrate using your voice to help deter people coming at you. I however didn't stop, so he pulled his training knife, rubber, and stabbed me in the belly. Had it not been a training environment I'm pretty sure I would have stopped. Didn't mean to hit me that hard, however he got well enough to leave a good bruise that is still healing. Doesn't help that I have Buddha belly! LOL. Thanks Jager for pain reinforcement. Next time I WILL stop!

Wonderful Class

I really enjoyed and had fun taking this class. The pre-course was very informative and I liked how I learned a good mindset before taking the actual class. David knows his stuff and is an impressive teacher. I felt very comfortable while learning the techniques. It was straightforward and simple to learn this lifelong skill.
I feel very confident that I can keep myself out of sketchy situations. I feel really empowered and happy that I can protect myself now!

Great info! Glad I took it!

Great info! Glad I took it!

Worth the Money and the Time Spent!

This course and workshop was so helpful and empowering. Simple yet valuable tools to stay aware of your surrounds and keep you safe. Should the worst occur, this course gives you the skills you need to survive. David was really cool and approachable and you can tell he really cares about his client's well-being and safety.

Great class, even better instructor

David was wonderful! He was informative and educational while making it fun and enjoyable.
I walked away feeling empowered and more confident in handling a situation, should it ever arise. I’m thankful for him and his willingness to spend his time doing these classes! If you have a chance to go, do it.


The instructor had made the course personal and it gave me a better understanding of the subject matter.

Great Experience!

This was a wonderful opportunity for our group of women to come together and be empowered. The tools David gave us were very simple and easy to learn. He created a safe space for everyone, and we not only got to work on the physical aspects of self-defense, but the mental and emotional aspects so that we can be confident in tough situations. I am SO glad we did this. Thank you, David for giving a gift to the world.

Take this course!

Take this course! David is an amazing teacher and creates a wonderful environment where women can learn confidence, useful life-saving techniques without any reservations. I’m so happy I was able to have this experience!

Incredible learning experience

I have taken numerous self-defense courses and this is the first where where I actually walked away with some real life skills I know I will remember. This was a women's self-defense/self-awareness class. Dave stresses the importance of situational awareness and how that alone can save your life. But if you are attacked, he shows some very easily remembered, simple methods to help yourself escape. I know what he shared was a fraction of what he knows but he shared it generously and in a way that we all could understand. I'm glad I had the opportunity to take this class. I left more confident in myself and my ability to keep myself out of situations that could cause me harm. Thank you, David.

Knowledge is power

This course was very informative and simplified so it can easily be applied in everyday life. Thank you David for being one of the good guys and sharing your knowledge and skills to help women be a little safer and feel more confident.

Excellent course

Looking forward to the next one.

A wealth of solid information at a great value!

This course provides a great foundation to the concepts of situational awareness, accessing developing dangers, avoiding confrontations or if need be, the mindset and strategies to fight through the confrontation and create a chance to escape. These concise basic concepts, strategies and tactics are easy to remember and provide a foundation you can use in most situations. Integrating these concepts into your mindset will help you build confidence, acceptance of a developing situation and help solidify in your psyche the importance of will, tenacity and perseverance should you find yourself in a confrontation. In my view, we live in an increasingly dangerous world. This course is a great value and you will be better prepared for the evolving danger by incorporating these concepts into you mindset.

I love it, more please! :D

Great beginner course to self-defense. I'm looking forward to future courses as well. Learning some body weight technics would be high on my list!

Patient, calm and very good at explaining

I have worked with David several times, He is patient, calm and very good at explaining the why behind doing things. I am grateful I have been able to work with him to expand my knowledge and skills. I would not be able to shoot like I do without the knowledge and skills I have gained from shooting with him.

I truly feel more comfortable and confident

Thank you so much! I truly feel more comfortable and confident than I ever have. This training is exactly what I need.

David has been my defensive handgun instructor for 6 years

David has been my defensive handgun instructor for 6 years. I guess you could say “I’m a huge fan”. People say that you should never meet your hero's because you will be disappointed. This will never be the case with David Burnell. In fact: David Burnell’s example, instruction, and friendship have meant everything to me. I look forward to seeing what David will teach us next.

David is incredible to work with

David is incredible to work with. He’s the perfect amount of tough, informative, assertive, yet, genuine, trusting and gentle. He is a light to work with. I hosted a women’s self-defense class at my gym and everyone left empowered, informed, and touched by this incredible man. Thank you so much for your time.

David’s class was amazing!

David’s class was amazing! He is very honest and real when talking about his life experiences and what we need to do individually to protect ourselves. He doesn’t sugar-coat anything and taught us skills that we can easily remember and practice ahead of time. I was so excited about what I learned that as soon as I returned home I taught my teenage kids some skills. Thank you, David!

Amazing self defense class

Amazing, informational, learned a lot, have more confidence, all the MOM’S out there. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU AND YOUR DAUGHTER’S do the class together. I can’t express how AMAZING the class was… a BONUS DAVID is a great instructor… bonus… bonus.., he keeps you on your toes and has you laughing the entire time.

Women’s Self Defense was great David

I just finished watching the one for Women’s Self Defense. It is great David. I was almost kidnapped at age 8. But because I thought to run from what I saw………..I am still here today. My sister in law, her college age sister was raped and murdered by a professor she was dating at college. The man we hope is still in prison. He comes up for parole every few years and we write letters to the parole board, reminding them of the horrible death of this young woman. A young woman at church was raped a few months ago by someone she knew and trusted. She is now going to have a baby. She and her family are working through all of this together. Think the parents are pressing charges against him.

Extremely Valuable

Worth every second spent. David is extremely knowledgeable and can help critique and improve with the most essential techniques. Would recommend to everyone.