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Motivational Speaker and Instructor
Motivational Speaker and Instructor

The Velvet Hammer Blog

  • Burma Pre Mission Journal Entry

    Burma Pre Mission Journal Entry

    This was my journal entry the night before I went to Myanmar (Burma) to work with the Karen Army. Thoughts of family and friends, a home of comfort and peace. A call from Arizona and a tear from my father....

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  • Break Glass in Time of War

    Break Glass in Time of War

    Are you the kind of guy that most people don't get? Why are so many ofour veterans committing suicide? Why are they so overwhelmed withdepression? Simple... people don't understand them and it makes themcrazy.Do you have the ability to wade...

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  • Life - Vistas and Valleys

    Life - Vistas and Valleys

    I am reminded of a trip I took to the Grand Tetons in Idaho to summit the middle Teton with my son and a group of young men and adults. This trip took place a couple years after a gunshot...

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