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David Burnell - Motivational Speaker & Instructor
David Burnell - Motivational Speaker & Instructor
Two great towers that filled the sky

Two great towers that filled the sky

There were two great towers that filled the sky, on a clear fall morning they fell in a rush

Evil men had planned their terrifying demise, and the land was covered with a scared hush

While most ran out, some ran in to save the people, in their strength they came

The scene was surreal, the silent world watched, as the event unfolded, the strong took note

When the rush was over, and the dead lay still, the shock and horror it filled the whole world

Enough is enough, cried the people at once, we must respond now, but who can we trust

Support was offered from near and far, there came a rush from friends with love

Our reply was staged in desert lands, missiles and bombs delivered by young, brave hands

Those who noted the destruction and dust that day, committed to fight, to enter the fray

They had prepared long ago, to defend and make right, with heart and might they continue the fight

Sacrifice was bled in the towers that day, some were willing, others afraid

The fight goes on, do we have what it takes? The courage and strength to press the foe?

The enemy is known by their deeds and their creeds, take courage and stop them, so life can return

Remember the day, remember the fight, remember the fallen, who gave up all

The foe has no conscience and strikes at the soul, but wIth God as our captain, we can do what we must

I will use my power to fight for right, to preserve our way, in truth and light

What have you done for the towers this day? Do you use your might to avenge or abstain?

Do you sit so idle in comfortable chairs, and ask others risk all to temper the flare?

We bask in the freedom, and capture more gold, while noble souls bleed in the sands of our foes

Real men stand up and face the foe, they rush straight in, while others will fold

The question is posed will you join in the rise, shout freedom for all, and with God no demise

There is much to rebuild in a this land this day, with hope and faith we can do this I pray!

Let us all unite together in freedoms light, death to our foes, and for the innocent, peace and light

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