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David Burnell - Motivational Speaker & Instructor
David Burnell - Motivational Speaker & Instructor
The World of Men

The World of Men

Written in Bannock Thailand while staging to go into Burma. 

"I ask myself again as I have in times past. "why go among the world of men?" home is safe and somewhat predictable where the world of men is unforgiving and complex in its structure, motives and reality.

I come from men who have always been willing to go into that world without hesitation. My father, and his before him and his father before. My brother, my nephews and so on. The world of men I speak of is the gritty world where life and death hangs in a balance influenced by the heavens and activated by the angels who appoint men unto life or death based on a Godly plan. We as mortals often do not know this timing and we act in faith hoping, knowing that we act to change a world wherein men have taken, tarnished and laden the innocent with mounds of oppression.

The world of men has risk and is sharp and unforgiving. It is produced as a result of the fall of man and essential to the plan of God. It is fraught with startling realities and fearful conflicts. This world where men have beckoned power and control is only mitigated by other men who act. Men who not only see but do. Men who indeed know that "I am my brothers keeper".

I this day like my fathers and brothers before me go into that world... again. Openly and oddly without controlling fear I go and do. I want no praise or acknowledgement this day or next, I desire only to help others to also go and do. To get men to rise above themselves and risk! Good men must go or evil men will prevail. Small humble ways are how we do it. In our homes first then our friends, neighbors and then when called upon by the strangest of ways "the world".

My friends, my family, we have moral obligations to act this day wherever we are to lift, love, learn, listen and laughter with our brothers and sisters of the world."

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