Burma Pre Mission Journal Entry

This was my journal entry the night before I went to Myanmar (Burma) to work with the Karen Army.

Thoughts of family and friends, a home of comfort and peace. A call from Arizona and a tear from my father. A blessing from my son as I meet his girl. A wish from my mother who beckons to write. Candace injures her knee and I leave tomorrow. I call my Mckenna and hear her sweet tones. A call from my buddy and an early breakfast. A 15 hour flight to a land I have never seen with a man I do not know. Boats, elephants, trucks and boots. When the voice of heaven speaks sometimes it is drowned out by our own desires, our selfishness and pride. We think perhaps "let someone else go and do it, I don't have the funds or the time". While true for many other reasons can also be heard. My body, my time, my safety, my kids. I do not know what to say because all of that is real and true. All I can speak is that I heard, felt and am acting upon it... again. Haiti, Japan, the Rama and now... No drama just action. I reflect on so very much this night before the long jungle nights. I think and wonder "have I done enough at home, do I measure up to those who needed me here?" Yet I still pack and prepare, pray and triple check. I am fully aware of the risks that are many. More than perhaps ever before, yet the peace prevails and the time moves on. Soon I am gone, but not for long and not for good. I have work to do in the walls of my own home, I have work among men yet to perform. I must write the stories, the thoughts and the trials. I have love for the stranger and hope for the future. I will greet all I meet with a gentle look and then where needed become the edge. May God this night speak peace to my world, to my children and friends, to my brothers abroad, to my souls deepest dreams... speak peace to my soul. Give me courage to act and to serve and to love. Give me courage to change what I can and respect what I cannot. Fill me with power from on high so miracles can be done in the name of the master and the heavens. I am older, slower yet so much wiser and able. I now close my eyes... what shall I see?

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