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Motivational Speaker and Instructor
Motivational Speaker and Instructor
Break Glass in Time of War

Break Glass in Time of War

Are you the kind of guy that most people don't get? Why are so many of
our veterans committing suicide? Why are they so overwhelmed with
depression? Simple... people don't understand them and it makes them

Do you have the ability to wade through huge amounts of stress, trauma
and conflict and still be standing at the end of it? If so you are someone
who should be put in a glass case and sedated, then when a violent
confrontation happens they can simply break the glass and let you out.

How does one break from the conflict of war where threats are numerated
by the minute, and then fit into the seemingly calm non-threatening world
that others see and feel?

For years I and men like me have tried to reconcile with not only God, but
our fellow men on how to coexist with those around us who "just don't get
it." Well... what don't they get and why?

First of all they don't understand the cost of providing the safety and
freedoms they enjoy. They for most part do not desire to interface with the
genuine evil that exists in the world around them. They are the bystanders,
that do not "want to interfere." They may catch a glimpse of world events
on the news, or perhaps watch a TV show that has a challenging theme
and think they have been made aware. While these examples may portray
violence or even act out traumatic events, they are without the true sight,
sound, taste, touch, and smell that is so prevalent in a real world

While we may want our families to be safe and to some degree immune to
the harsh realities of this outside world where the kill-or-be-killed theme
is the motto of the day, we also want them to appreciate that there is a
breed of men and women that run towards the fight without
acknowledging the risks. A group of folks that act upon injustice, or pull
broken bodies out of rubble even though we may never have met them in
person. We do this to not only shelter or protect our own children, but as a
way to make the world a better place... to make a difference.

When we the warrior breed decide to act and the courage is mustered up
to leave the safety of home the preparation alone can be gruesome and life
changing. Sometimes it takes years to prepare to meet the foe on the field
of battle. The "field of battle" is the hard place where the metal meets the
meat. It is the harsh world of bone on bone and has the odors of blood and
sweat. It can be in your town or abroad, and is tasted by men and women
who choose to act. The doers of deeds, they few.

After initial training has been completed the warrior then enters the
unforgiving world where the quick and the dead litter the landscape.
Sometimes these events will be frequent and intense, other times they will
be gaped and measured. Regardless of the frequency or the intensity of
these events they tear at the very fabric of every soft and cuddly thing you
have ever known. They create a sense of vulnerability and insecurity that
only veterans of these scenes can appreciate completely.

So why do these experiences make you feel like you are an apple in a field
of oranges? Simple... over time you withdraw from the world everyone else
is living in because you simply can't understand it. You know it exists

because you once lived there, you even felt safety and the joy of moving
freely in a world where someone else was on guard and watching as a
protector and a guardian. As you yourself become that very guardian
things change and it feels like you can NEVER return to the safe place.
You feel like you must not only be on guard, but be prepared in every way
to win the fight should it come... again.

This is a lot of information to absorb, and if you don't get it, or think I
should be a "referral" to your local clinic, then just put me back in the glass
case and "break it in time of war.”

If YOU have been on the line anywhere for anyone, or for something that
makes the world a better place, I AFFIRM YOU and LOVE YOU.

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